Organizations allow you to group customers. This has two important advantages, among other things.

1.) As an agent you not only have the overview of a customer’s tickets, but also an overview of the entire organization.

For example, by searching for the organization, all the tickets for the organization are displayed and they can be opened easily by a click. This overview appears as follows:


2.) As a customer, you can view and edit your colleagues‘ tickets (if the organization is a „shared organization“, you can set this as a parameter for each organization. See the Edit-Mask).

For example:

For a customer user who has only created one ticket himself, but whose entire organization has created 6, the overview would look like this:


In the organizations management area (Admin Interface –> Manage –> Organizations) you can manually add, edit or delete existing organizations. That’s the Edit-Mask:


Within the organization the following things can be set:

  • if it’s a shared organization (All customers who are assigned to this organization can view and edit the group tickets)

  • if the assignment is domain based (assign users based on domain)

  • note

  • if it’s active or inactive

Import of organizations via CSV file

With the import action (since Zammad 2.5) you can download a sample CSV file and upload your own CSV file.

To reduce the error rate of unwanted mass changes, a test import is carried out first and a summary appears at the end. If you agree with the summary, the CSV import will be executed.