Send client stats

Send client stats/error message to central server to improve the usability.

Default: no (inactive)


This sends logging to our central logging server. Log files of Zammad can contain very sensitive data like email addresses and other. Do not enable this option unless we’re asking you to.

Client storage

Use client storage to cache data to enhance performance of application.

Default: no (inactive)

Core Workflow Ajax Mode

This setting allows administrators to enforce Core Workflows to use Ajax-Calls instead of web sockets. You’ll usually only need this if you experience serious issues as noted below.


🤓 Possible (technical) reasons

In some cases, your network structure (e.g. firewalls, proxies) may disconnect long web socket connections. This leads to select fields staying empty (e.g. owner selection after selecting your group) or fields not shown / hidden (e.g. when switching to or from pending states, the „pending till“ field not showing / hiding).

Please keep in mind that the Ajax fallback may cause serious pressure on your application server. If you have the choice stick to web sockets.

Default: no (inactive)