Macro Example

To get you up and running quickly, here are some examples of the kinds of one-click actions you can set up using macros.

To learn about macros in detail, go to the section How do macros work.

  1. If you deal with a lot of spam, you could set up a macro that applies the following changes to a ticket:




    add spam


    current user

    Screencast showing spam macro configuration and behavior


    💡 Run this macro in a Scheduler to periodically clean up unwanted tickets.

  2. If you want to set a ticket’s state to pending reminder, it’s usually a two-step process - first select the state, then select a date. To always set a reminder for the same, fixed amount of time (say, seven days later), you can bundle the whole change into a macro:


    “Postponing ticket for 7 days.” (🔒 internal visibility only)


    pending reminder

    Pending Till

    relative / 7 / days


    current user

    Screencast showing postpone macro configuration and behavior