User Preferences Permissions


📁 Permissions are namespaced, which is sort of like having files inside of folders.

The permissions listed on this page all belong to the user_preferences namespace. You can select them individually, or you can just select user_preferences to enable the whole bunch.

User preferences permissions in the New Role dialog

User preferences permissions are shown at the bottom of the New Role dialog…

User profile page

…and give users access to the pages of their User Profile.

Permission name

Give access to



Generate API tokens to control
Zammad via REST API
Generated tokens will never have more permissions
than the user that generated them.


Avatar settings

Override the default Gravatar with a custom avatar


Configure the calendar feed


Manage device login sessions

Revoking this permission disables
“Login detected from a new location” emails.
To learn more, see System Notifications.


Configure the UI locale/language


Account linking

Manually link accounts after signing in
Note: If automatic account linking fails, this
is the only way users can utilize third-party logins.


Configuration of ticket notifications

Agents only receive ticket notifications for
Customers can’t receive ticket notifications at all.


Designate a substitute for
out-of-office hours
This does not grant that person the permissions /
group access levels of the agent
they’re replacing.


Allow users to define their own
overview order.
Optional permission; disabled by default.
The order your user chooses here cannot be
overwritten by admins. Renaming or resorting
overviews has no effect on custom orders.


Change account password

Make sure to revoke this permission for all your users
when using a third-party identity server (like LDAP).