Admin Panel Reference


Screenshot of Checkmk settings overview

Which group should Checkmk tickets be assigned to as a default (i.e., when none is specified)?

(Applies to API alerts only.)

Auto close

Should Zammad automatically close tickets if a service has recovered on its own?

(Agents will receive notifications for such closures as appropriate.)

Auto-close state

What ticket state should be applied when “auto-closing” a ticket?

(You may choose from the seven built-in ticket states, but if you change this setting from the default, you’ll more likely want to define a new ticket state for this purpose. This can be especially useful for tracking tickets with reports.)

Recent Logs

Screenshot of Checkmk "Recent Logs" section

If you’re having trouble getting Zammad and Checkmk to play nicely together, this section can help you troubleshoot. 🙌

It contains a record of the fifty most recent transactions that Zammad knows about, including each one’s request/response details and return status.