Placetel CTI

Starting with Zammad 2.8, we’re supporting the CTI for placetel. For configuration, please go to Settings -> Integrations -> Placetel in the admin panel.


Please note, that it’s not possible to log outbound calls. This is due to a limitation of the Placetel API.

Getting needed information from placetel

Before starting with Zammad, you’ll need to login to your placetel Account, go to Administration -> Settings. Here you’ll find the tab “External APIs” (open it). Activate “Call Control/Notify API” and enter the URL of the Zammad API endpoint (can be found within the Placetel integration page). Further below you can tick the phone numbers you want Zammad to get notified on.


Now change to the API tab and grab your API token. If you don’t have an API token yet, you can simply create one.


Activating Placetel Integration within Zammad

Enabling the Zammad placetel integration is really easy. Simply paste your API token into the text field, activate the integration and save your changes. You’re all set up! If needed, you can add Inbound caller IDs to a ignore list. If you do this, Zammad will not show any notifications from those numbers.

Further below on the same page you’ll have a log of recent notifications that came to the API, in case you need to debug something.


As soon as you start calling (in and out) on activated numbers, you’ll see them in your Caller log with their current state.