S/MIME is the most widely-supported method for secure email communication. With S/MIME, you can exchange signed and encrypted messages with others.


is proof that a message hasn’t been tampered with or sent by an impersonator.

In other words, it guarantees a message’s integrity and authenticity.


scrambles a message so that it can only be unscrambled by the intended recipient.

In other words, it guarantees privacy and data security.

Screencast demo of S/MIME features for both new tickets and replies

Once S/MIME has been enabled, 🔒 Encrypt and ✅ Sign buttons will appear in the ticket composer.

🔪 Prerequisites

New to S/MIME? This section helps you to find certificate providers and points out Limitations.

📝 Manage Certificates

Add and download certificates; configure group default behaviors.

😦 Troubleshooting

Took a wrong turn? About recent logs and common issues.


For more details on how S/MIME integration works on the agent side, see the user docs.