All of the system’s latest S/MIME activity is displayed in the Recent Logs section.

Sample entries of in- and outgoing S/MIME related emails.

Logs report the status and details of all mail, both incoming and outgoing, that used signing/verification or encryption/decryption.


This log does not include email sent by triggers or the scheduler. For those, check your production.log.

Common Issues

I received a signed/encrypted email before I set up S/MIME integration

No problem. Once S/MIME has been enabled and the appropriate certificates have been added, agents will be prompted to retry verification/decryption on matching emails.

Screenshot of user prompt to retry decryption
The 🔒 Encrypt button is disabled
  • Have you added the recipient’s certificate?

  • Are you sure the recipient’s certificate is valid?

  • Have you checked your production.log for more details?


If encryption doesn’t work in the composer, it won’t work in triggers or the scheduler either!

The ✅ Sign button is disabled
  • Have you added both the certificate and private key for your organization?

  • Does the email address on the certificate match the email address of the agent/group composing the email?

Error: “Fingerprint already taken”
  • Are you sure you haven’t added this certificate already?

Error: “❌ invalid byte sequence in UTF-8”
  • Please ensure to provide PEM formatted certificate and keys.

  • Did you check if the provided file is a valid certificate or key?