Subscription (SaaS)

The subscription settings page allows you to configure your instances package and number of agents required.


🚧 Hosted environment specific 🚧

This setting section is only available for Hosted setups. If you’re looking for on premise support contracts, please see the Zammad pricing page.

The subscription section currently consists of two tabs: Plan & Billing. For your overview we’ve divided those two tabs into independent sub pages:

💰 Subscription plan

Everything affecting your instance subscription functions like number of agents, package and payment method.

🧾 Subscription billing

Everything regarding billing address, invoices and account cancellation.


I set up a trial account but am missing functions to test

The trial instance is running within the professional package allowing up to three agents.

Can I change package within the trial?

No. As soon as the package is changed the subscription begins.

What happens to my trial instance after the trial period ended?

Your instance will automatically be canceled for you. Please see What happens to my instance after it has been canceled? for more.

What happens to my instance after it has been canceled?

That depends slightly on your instance state:

Trial instance

If you’re still on trial, we will ice your instance and remind you once again about your instance. We then will wait some days and remove your instance from our system. This is the last time we will inform you by Email.

Paid instance

If you’re a paying customer and canceled your subscription, the instance removal will take place the day after your last subscription day.

Can removed instances be restored?

No. Once your instance has been removed, a restoration is not possible.