On the top of the subscription summary you’ll find the number of used and available (booked) agent seats. By using the see more link you can also expand an agent list to see the currently configured, active agents.


You can learn more on how to manage your agents within user management.

This list does not count accounts with admin permissions only.

Within subscription you can always see how many agents are still available to add and who uses the seats.

This section gives you an overview of the available plans and their functions / limits. If you require a more detailed table, check our detailed pricing table for more.

Your selection in this step will decide on the base agent price and e.g. agent limits that might apply in the summary step.

The green Selected button will also tell you what plan you’re currently in.


Trial instances are running at Professional with 3 agents. The plan cannot be changed during the trial for technical reasons, if you require more agents for testing, please contact our sales team with a reason for the raise request.

Screenshot showing three available packages for a hosted Zammad instance

In this section you can adjust the settings of the previous selected plan.

Billing cycle

You can choose between either monthly or yearly billing. The price per agent will be cheaper if you decide for yearly billing.


If you’re still trying out things and e.g. are unsure of the right package for your instance, you may want to choose monthly first and then upgrade to yearly when you’re sure.


Note that upgrading (more agents, higher package) is always possible, however, downgrading will only happen when your billing period renews.

Upgrading resets your billing period and existing credit will be deducted from the new total.

Plan: (Starter|Professional|Plus) - Agents

Choose the number of agents you require for your instance.

Keep in mind that some packages may have agent limits. Depending on the previous chosen package, you won’t be able to exceed specific agent numbers. Also note that setting less agents than currently configured is not possible.


This will be the net total you’re going to be billed.

By using the Update subscription button, the instance package will be adjusted immediately. If you didn’t provide a payment method yet, Zammad will request you to provide one at this point.


In case you’re still within the trial period, this means that the trial will be over immediately!

Down- or upgrading during the trial period is not possible.

Screenshot showing payment options and a pricing summary
Payment method

You can pay via credit card or SEPA mandate.

Credit card

Simply follow the dialogue by clicking authorize and confirm -if required by your bank- your consent to Zammad using your card for the payments.


Provide the requested information of the bank account holder and update if you’re ready. You’ll then receive an email with the SEPA mandate.

Technically there’s also the possibility to pay via invoice, however - this method only applies to a fairly low number of instances. Please contact our sales team for more information.