If you’re missing variables or are not sure if something is not working as expected, feel free to ask over at the Community.

Below you’ll find config related variables. These hold useful configuration information that you can use within e.g. triggers to show necessary information to your customer.

The below list gives you an example what kind of data you can expect, it’s not intended to explain the data itself.

Config Variables
name variable example
Config > Fully Qualified Domain Name #{config.fqdn}
Config > Ticket Hook #{config.ticket_hook} Ticket#
Config > HTTP type #{config.http_type} https or http
Config > SystemID #{config.system_id} 31 (value between 1 and 99)
Config > Organization #{config.organization} Zammad GmbH value set in Branding
Config > Product Name #{config.product_name} Helpdesk value set in Branding