Learn by example

To get you up and running quickly, here are some examples of the kinds of one-click actions you can set up using macros.


If they don’t make sense to you, don’t worry—just skip ahead to How do they work? to learn about all the options in detail, then come back here to see them in action.

  1. If you deal with a lot of spam, you could set up a macro that applies the following changes to a ticket:




    add spam


    current user

    Screencast showing spam macro configuration and behavior


    💡 Run this macro in a Scheduler to periodically clean up unwanted tickets.

  2. If you want to set a ticket’s state to pending reminder, it’s usually a two-step process—first select the state, then select a date. To always set a reminder for the same, fixed amount of time (say, seven days later), you can bundle the whole change into a macro:


    “Postponing ticket for 7 days.” (🔒 internal visibility only)


    pending reminder

    Pending Till

    relative / 7 / days


    current user

    Screencast showing postpone macro configuration and behavior