With tags, tickets can be categorized and marked.

How to tag

All agents can tag tickets. You can find further information about tagging of tickets on our user documentation.


You can list all the marked tickets by tag in different ways:

  1. by providing an appropriate overview Create a new overview and select “Tag contains …” as condition. You can find further information in Overviews

  2. by a search-query Enter e. g.: tags:americano in the search mask and you will receive all tickets that have been tagged accordingly. For a collected listing, click on “Show Search Details” under the search box:

  3. by clicking on the tag in the Tag Management Area In the Tag Management you can find an overview of existing tags used in the system (and a counter how often they are used):


    For more information about the individual tags, just click on the blue counter:


    Select one of the tickets that appears below the search box or get a complete overview of all tickets by clicking on “Show Search Details”:


Tag Management Area

Here it can also (in addition to the overview - as described above) be set whether the agents are allowed to add tags themselves or not (in the left upper corner).

You can add more tags or delete them.