Control how Zammad sends and receives email.


Using Gmail / G Suite?

Set up a Google channel instead.

Using Microsoft 365?

Set up a Microsoft 365 channel instead.

Email settings panel
🚛 Migrate existing email channel to “XOAUTH” channel

At this moment Zammad supports XOAUTH for the following providers:

Use above links to use the migration option instead of removing and re-adding the channels. This will save precious time for something else!

👥 Accounts

Connect Zammad to your email provider so that it can watch your inbox, send auto-replies, and more.

(Self-hosted users may have already completed this step during new system setup.)

🗂️ Filters

Make sure new tickets show up in the right place with automated, if-this-then-that rules for all incoming email.

📜 Signatures

Customize signatures for all outgoing email.

⚙️ Settings

Manage options like:

  • set the “From:” address on system notifications

  • raise the limit on attachment sizes

  • modify subject-line prefixes (e.g., use “AW:” instead of “RE:”)


Want to manually edit email subjects or always copy parent messages into your replies?

Check the ✍️ Composer Settings.

📇 Header based actions

Manipulate auto response behavior or incoming routing.


🤓 This is a very advanced topic.

Extra Options for Self-Hosted Users

If you’re too cool for POP3/IMAP/SMTP…