Register an OAuth App

Use the Connect Google App dialog to register Zammad as an OAuth app on Google.

(This step is required; read on to learn why.)

Registering Zammad as a Google OAuth app
Account Setup

Use the Add Account dialog to connect your account.

You’re migrating existing email channels? Look below!

Adding your gmail account to Zammad
Migrate from Email channel to Google channel

Use the Migrate now! button within your email channels to quickly move your mailboxes to Google. You can roll back if things hit the fan!

Migrate an existing email channel to Google
Secondary Addresses

Send and receive email at additional email addresses, all through the same mailbox/account.

Adding new aliases to your gmail account in Zammad
Managing Accounts

Edit the configuration of existing accounts in the Accounts Panel.

Existing accounts can be edited from the Accounts panel.


🤔 How do I use my Gmail account for outgoing system notifications?

On subscription/cloud-hosted instances, you can’t. Notifications will always come from “Notification Master <noreply@your.zammad.domain>”.

On self-hosted instances, we still don’t recommend it. Using a Gmail account for automated, outgoing messages is risky: users who exceed Google’s email sending limits can have their accounts suspended.

Set up a generic email channel instead and use the Email Notification setting.