It’s possible to put your Telegram bot communication into Zammad. To do so, you need to follow these steps.


Your Zammad instance needs to be publicly available via HTTPS (we use Telegram WebHooks).


📎 Zammad cannot receive file attachments larger than 20MB in Telegram messages.

This is a hard limit imposed by the Telegram Bot API.

Register a Telegram bot app

Register your Telegram bot via your Telegram client, see also here.

Go to BotFather

inital page

Register a new bot by using “/newbot” and define its name and username


When you’re all done, you will get your Telegram bot API token

bot has been created

Configure Zammad as Telegram bot

Go to “Admin -> Channels -> Telegram” and click “Add Bot”

Admin -> Channels -> Telegram

Enter your “API Token”, your “welcome message” and set the incoming group.

Telegram bot added

Done, your Zammad is now configured as a Telegram bot.

Start using your new channel

Go to your Telegram client, search for your new Telegram bot and start writing a message.

search for bot enter a new message first message

After a few seconds a new message in Zammad appears.

A new Ticket - the message - just reply

Just click on reply button (as you do it for emails) to send a reply.

Ticket reply

The message will appear in your Telegram client.

enter a new message