Macros are 🖱️ one-click actions for applying changes to a ticket.

If you find yourself making the same changes to lots of tickets (e.g., close-and-tag-as-spam or reassign-to-another-group), you can store those changes in a macro for easy access:

Example macros within a ticket detail view.

Choose from the macros Close & Tag as Spam, Move to RMA, and Reply & Close & Tag as Banana.

You can also apply macros in bulk (i.e., to many tickets all at once) via the Overviews page:

Example macros within an overview (bulk operation).

Select your desired tickets, then click-and-drag to apply a macro to all of them.

You can create or edit macros on the Macros page of the admin panel:

Screenshot of "Macros" page in admin panel