The web channel mainly affects your customers using the web interface. These settings allow you to restrict your customers ticket creation.

If you even further want to configure what your customers can see and select, you should have a look in our Core Workflows documentation.

The web channel settings page

Settings affecting your customer

Enable Ticket creation

You can forbid customers to create tickets via the web interface. This will remove the “➕” button on the lower left. This does not forbid updating existing tickets via UI.

Default: yes

Group selection for Ticket creation

By default, your customers can create tickets in all groups. As this may be unwanted, especially when having several support levels or internal groups, you can select a set of groups you want to be selectable by your customers.

This does not affect your agents. Agents are affected by Group Permissions.

Default: (empty selection)

Global settings affecting all users

Tab behavior after ticket creation

This setting allows administrators to provide a default behavior of Zammad’s tab after ticket update.

Users can always overrule this behavior. If your user decides to select a different tab behavior on any ticket, this action will be the new default behavior for that user.

Zammad remembers the decision of the user.

Default: Stay on tab

Ticket zoom with tab behavior to choose for the user