Templates allow you to create tickets at a rapid speed by defining a ticket template for recurring tickets.


Sounds familiar?

Right! Prior Zammad 5.3 ticket templates were managed entirely within the ticket zoom.

This has changed:
Your agents by default no longer have permission to manage templates by default. However, they can always load existing templates into their new ticket dialogue.
Screenshot showing Zammad's (ticket) template management page


⚠️ Limitation ahead

Please note that ticket templates do not allow the use of variables.

Managing templates

Adding new template

Use the New Template button to start creating a new template.


Select a meaningful template name. This name will be shown to your agents during ticket creation (within Select Template).


Within actions, Zammad will provide all available ticket attributes. This allows you to create granular templates with the information you need.


Set any currently active ticket template to inactive if you don’t need it momentarily. This allows you to keep the template for e.g. seasonal reasons without providing it as an option to your agents.

Screenshot showing the template configuration
Editing templates

If your template no longer fits your need or contains errors, simply click on the template name to edit it.

Cloning templates

Zammad allows you to clone existing templates and continue your new template from there.

To do so, use ⋮ Actions of the desired template in your list and choose Clone. A new template modal will open with attributes prefilled.

Removing templates

If you no longer require a specific template, use ⋮ Actions in the list and choose Delete.

Be aware that the deletion is permanent.