Zammad comes with a maintenance mode that you can use for e.g. updating the instance or changing settings while restricting availability and functions.


The mode setting allows you to enable or disable the maintenance mode.

Defaults to off.

The maintenance mode will restrict access to administrative roles only. This means agents and customers are logged off.


This setting allows you to provide a login message within a green banner above the login screen. Click into the green banner in the settings page to adjust your message. To activate the message, activate the @Login setting.

Screenshot showing the default login message within the settings page

Send an informative message to all active sessions. This comes handy to inform your agents e.g. about mayor outages or to force reloads after configuration changes.


This is the messages title (slightly bigger than the normal message).


The text you want to provide to your logged in sessions.

Reload application

Selecting this option will change the message acceptance button from Close (with nothing happening) to Continue session, which forces the application to reload.


If you have customers that are logged in to Zammad, they’ll also be notified if they’re active in that moment.

Message setting within Zammad’s admin settings without ticket reload application setting.

Screenshot showing the send message settings without ticket reload application set

The modal all other active sessions will see upon pressing Send to clients.

Screenshot showing modal caused by maintenance's message without reload application ticket