With the release of Zammad 6.3, you can now connect your Zammad with a WhatsApp Business account, allowing your customers to reach out to you through WhatsApp. 🎉

If you already dived deep into this topic, you can head to the setup guide. If not, we strongly encourage you to read the prerequisites and limitations of this channel carefully and to follow our tutorial for preparing your setup.

We tried to keep it clear and created a separate sub-page for the necessary steps on Meta/WhatsApp side.


Please be aware that the usage of WhatsApp Cloud API is mandatory to connect WhatsApp to Zammad. You won’t be able to connect to WhatsApp in Zammad if you just use the WhatsApp Business App. Have a look here for further information about the Cloud API.

There may be additional costs for you from Meta/WhatsApp side. 1000 service conversations per month are free. However, you should have a look at their pricing page to be safe from surprises.

Be aware that if you go through the whole process, it is very time consuming. You should have some time to follow our preparation guide.