A calendar is required to:

  • automate ticket escalations,

  • generate reports that only capture activity during business hours, or

  • set up time-sensitive triggers.

Define a “standard”-calendar which system-wide is valid. Only in the specified business hours, escalation notifications are sent to agents.

If you have customers for which you have to comply with different customer business hours, you can create several calendars. The allocation to the customer tickets can be adjusted via the SLAs.

And this is what it looks like:


All created calendars are displayed in the overview.

New Calendar

Here you can create a new calendar if agents or customers belong to another time zone.


Just push the delete-button to delete this specific calendar - all SLAs assigned to this calendar are automatically assigned to the default calendar.

Set as Default

Pressing this button sets this calendar as the default calendar for the entire system.


Via this button you get to the edit-mask (same mask as in “New Calendar”):


Determine a name, a time-zone, the business hours to be used for this calendar and special holidays. In addition, you can subscribe to the iCalendar, which will automatically load all holidays from Google (updated once a day) … and you can add a note.