Sessions management allows reviewing currently known user sessions and allows to end these. The session timeout is affected by Session Timeout configurations from security settings.

Screenshot showing Zammad's session management

Zammad will provide the following information:


The user account this session entry belongs to. It can be normal if a user has several sessions in the list. This can be due to changed browser information or if you use e.g. single sign on methods where the user does not use the log off button.


The browser agent communicated to Zammad.


The anticipated location based on the users IP address. Depending on the IP address the result shown may differ. This option depends on Services.

The following information can be shown:

IP address

Either if you set Geo IP services to inactive or you’re using internal IP address which do not provide location information.

Country (or Country + City)

If Geo IP services is enabled only. Depends on how detailed the available IP address information are.

Be aware that results can be inaccurate - this technically is not an error.


Provides the time when the session initially has been created.


Provides the time the user used this session to open Zammad. This timestamp is only updated if the user e.g. reloads, not during normal work on tickets.

This timestamp is being used for the session timeout.


Use the delete button to remove a single session on behalf of your user.