Account settings page

You can create a separate signature for each group in Zammad. The individual signatures can be created and edited here.

Afterwards, the existing (and active) signatures are available in the group editing mask:


Each group can be assigned its own signature, but they can also all use the same signature.

Dynamic Signatures

To individualize the signatures, it is possible to automatically load specific information into a signature via Variables. All information stored on the ticket, assigned customers or agents can be inserted. This makes it possible to design the signature individually. To load a list of available variables, enter two colons (::) into the Text box of the signature editor.


Please keep in mind that specific information might not be available during ticket creation. The best example here is the ticket number / id. Specific information are created with submitting the ticket and thus are not available before submitting.


Here is an example of a signature with variables and the result when you write a mail: