Group Settings

Click on a group to edit it, or click on New group to create a new group.

There you can edit the following settings:

  • Name: choose a name for the group.

  • Assignment timeout: the time in minutes after which the ticket’s state will revert back to unassigned after the assigned agent hasn’t worked on the ticket.

  • Follow up possible: configure what happens when a customer replies to a closed ticket:

    • yes: the ticket will be reopened.

    • do not reopen ticket but create new ticket: the ticket will remain closed, and Zammad will instead create a new ticket for the customer’s reply.

  • Assign follow ups: configure whether a closed ticket that has been reopened due to a customer’s reply should remain assigned to the last agent:

    • yes: the ticket will remain to the last agent who owned it.

    • no: Zammad will unassign the ticket.

  • Email: choose which email address will be used as the sending address (From header) when agents reply to tickets in this group. Email addresses can be configured in Channels → Email → Accounts.

  • Signature: choose which signature to use when replying to tickets in this group.

  • Note: an internal note about the group that is only visible to people who can access the group management area.

  • Active: choose whether the group is enabled or not. Groups cannot be deleted, they can only be set to inactive.

Eventually it should look something like this: