Core Workflow Ajax Mode

This setting allows administrators to enforce Core Workflows to use Ajax-Calls instead of web sockets. You’ll usually only need this if you experience serious issues as noted below.


🤓 Possible (technical) reasons

In some cases, your network structure (e.g. firewalls, proxies) may disconnect long web socket connections. This leads to select fields staying empty (e.g. owner selection after selecting your group) or fields not shown / hidden (e.g. when switching to or from pending states, the “pending till” field not showing / hiding).

Please keep in mind that the Ajax fallback may cause serious pressure on your application server. If you have the choice stick to web sockets.

Default: no (inactive)

Show calendar weeks in the picker of date/datetime fields

With this setting you can instruct Zammad to provide week number display globally for all users. Calendar with week number display are usually used in business sectors and may not be relevant for everyone.

This setting affects all areas - you’ll also see week numbers in the admin panel for e.g. triggers and macros.

Default: no (not shown)

Here’s the difference:
Screenshot showing Zammad's date picker (in the default way)

Set to no

Screenshot showing Zammad's date picker with week numbers enabled

Set to yes