Core Workflows do not replace Triggers

Workflows manipulate the behavior of fields. However, they do not set values in fields because of actions.

API calls are only partly affected

Some options affect UI only and thus do not restrict responses and calls.

This affects the following actions:

  • select

  • auto select

  • show

  • hide

Some fields stay unavailable to customers

For technical and security reasons, some default fields (the pale ones you can’t edit) stay unavailable for display and usage on customer permissions.

If you require your customers to change e.g. priorities, please consider using workarounds via Objects and Triggers.

Ticket title changes not supported in edit mask

It is currently not possible to perform changes of the ticket title in the edit mask (e.g. renaming, set to read-only).

What is out of scope of Core Workflows?

There are some things that would count as workflow but are either done via Triggers or Scheduler.

Such as (but not limited to):

  • up- or downgrade permissions of users

  • affecting article creation or listing