Email Notification


The notification channel can only be configured on self-hosted installations.

For more information, see System Notifications.

System notifications are automated emails sent by Zammad for critical system events, such as account changes or SLA violations.

Use the Email Notification panel to configure how Zammad dispatches these notifications.

Demonstration of email notification channel editing
Send mails via

Choose from SMTP and local MTA (e.g., Sendmail).


Your email server’s hostname or IP address (e.g.,


Your account login/username.


The “From:” address on system notifications can be configured under Channels > Email > Settings > Notification Sender.


Your account password.


Your email server’s port (usu. 587 or 465).

Zammad will detect and enable SSL/STARTTLS support automatically.


🤔 This looks familiar… Where have I seen it before?

This configuration step was part of the Getting Started wizard:

The getting started wizard asking how one wants to send out notifications