Placetel CTI

This integration enables Zammad to provide a caller log to your agents. With this your agents can greet your customers by their name and are supported by Zammad with automatically opening a new ticket dialog or the user profile.

Click the toggle next to the heading to activate or deactivate this integration.

If you want to learn more on how your agents can use this function, please refer the user documentation.


Automatically opening new ticket dialogues or user profiles requires agent to extension mapping - see more below.


Please note the following limitations to reduce confusion later on:

  • CTI integrations provide caller log functions only.

  • This integration does not provide any VoIP functionalities; you can’t make phone calls from within Zammad.

  • If your browser supports tel-URLs, you can click on phone numbers for automatic dialing. This requires additional software / configuration on your agent’s computers.


Please provide the following requirements:

  • You need an administrative Placetel account for your organization.

  • Your Zammad instance must be allowed to communicate to external services.

  • Placetel must be able to reach your Zammad instance.

Setup Placetel connection for Zammad

Learn how to configure Placetel to enable Zammad and Placetel to communicate with each other.

Available settings


All following options do not save automatically. Always use the Save button on the lower end of the integration page!

Endpoint Settings

The here listed endpoint settings are relevant for the integration configuration with Placetel.


This endpoint will be required for the Zammad integration within the Placetel web interface.

API Token

You’ll receive this token within the Web API menu. Make sure to copy this value, it’s only shown once!

Call Settings

This option allows you to block specific incoming caller IDs. It allows you to temporarily reject e.g. spam callers without having to contact providers or PBX administrators.

Caller ID to block

Provide caller IDs to block in E.164 format.

Your telephony system has to support this function. Zammad will send a reject response which will cause your telephony system to hang up the call. To callers this usually will feel like the line is busy.


Provide a meaningful note for your fellow administrators to remind yourself why you’ve chosen to block the number.

Other Settings

Below you can find all available additional settings for this CTI integration. For your overview we’re sorting them by appearance and reference their description first.

Shown records in caller log

Allows you to set the number of shown caller log entries for all users. You can choose from the following values:

  • 60 (default)

  • 120

  • 180

  • 240

  • 300


🥵 Potential performance issue

Setting this setting higher than 60 may cause serious performance issues on very busy instances. Keep in mind that this setting causes Zammad to poll and send up to 300 records to all active agent sessions in very short time periods.

Phone Extension to Agent Mapping

By mapping your agents extension to their existing Zammad users, Zammad can provide a new ticket dialog or open the user profile for the agent that picks up the call.

This speeds up ticket aiding, no matter if it’s for existing tickets or new ones!

To see it work from the agent’s perspective, have a look on user documentation.

Screenshot showing sample user mappings in between Placetel and Zammad


You can find your agents Placetel username combination required within ⚙️ PBX → VoIP destinations. Within the “Advanced settings” section you’re looking for “SIP user name” and “SIP server”.

Combine these two like so: <sip-user-name>@<sip-server>.

Sample VoIP credentials for a Placetel user

Recent Logs

With recent logs Zammad allows you to view the latest calls for the CTI functionality. This usually comes in handy, when you’re looking for errors.

Screenshot showing several incoming requests within Recent logs section.

I’m just here to clear floats up.

By clicking on the entry of interest, Zammad will provide more details on the call in question. You’ll see the payload it received and also the response that was sent.

Screenshot showing detailed information of a specific log entry of recent logs



My Phone page stays blank, signalling does work…

If you’ve made sure that signalling works (check Recent logs) and your Caller Log still stays empty, please ensure that you only configured one CTI integration version. Specifically defining more than one agent mapping on the different integration variants will be the issue.

Clear the not needed agent mapping and reload your browser page.