It is possible to create a quick login for your helpdesk via GitHub. To activate the quick login you need to enable OAuth for GitHub.

Register GitHub app

Visit and enter the app settings. As callback URL enter “https://zammad_host/auth/github/callback” where zammad_host has to be replaced with your Zammad FQDN

Register OAuth app on

Configure Zammad as GitHub app

Enter the “APP ID” and the “APP SECRET” from the GitHub OAUTH Applications Dashboard

GitHub config in Zammad admin interface

After you configured the GitHub credentials and activated the login method, you should see a new icon on the login page.

GitHub logo on login page

If you click on the icon you will be redirected to GitHub and see something similar to this:

GitHub oauth page

When you grant the access you will be redirected to your Zammad instance and logged in as a customer.

Now you can link accounts via “Avatar -> Profile -> Link Accounts” or login via Zammad login page.