With some easy and fast steps, you can enable Zammad to authenticate your users via Google.

Register a Google app

First of all, we need to create a new project - you can skip this step if you already have one.


Use this link to create a new project:

Now expand the menu, expand “APIs & Services” and select “Credentials”. Go to the tab “OAuth consent screen” first and ensure to fill in the requested information - without doing so you can’t create credentials!

Creating a consent screen

After filling in and savingthe consent screen information, you can change to “Credentials” tab and create new “OAuth client ID”-Credentials.

Fill in the neceassary information, for restrictions you need the following (replace zammad_host with your FQDN):

Aplication type [x] Web application

Authorized JavaScript origins https://zammad_host/

Authorized redirect URIs https://zammad_host/auth/google_oauth2/callback

Adding a new OAuth client ID

After creating the credentials, go to your Zammad installation and navigate to “Admin -> Security -> Third Party Applications” -> Google. Enter your Client ID and Client secret here.


After submitting, the login via Google can be used.