Managing accounts in Microsoft 365 channels is (almost) just like it is in email channels, so this article is lifted (almost) verbatim from here.

Managing Accounts

Once an account has been added, use the Accounts panel to edit its configuration.

Existing accounts can be edited from the Accounts panel.
Fetch Preferences

Click Edit on inbound account details to change how messages are retrieved from your account.

See New Account Settings for a detailed description of each option.

Location of account details settings for existing accounts
Destination Group

Click on the group name to reassign the account.

Location of "Destination Group" setting for existing accounts

Only active groups will be displayed.

Changing this setting will not reassign existing tickets to the new group.


📮 Still can’t send outgoing email tickets? Check your group settings.

Email Address

Use the + Add or Edit buttons to set up secondary addresses on this account.

See Secondary Addresses for a detailed description of each option.

Location of email address add/edit buttons
Enabled / Disabled

Disabling an account temporarily prevents Zammad from importing its messages.

This may be necessary during scheduled maintenance or when migrating your installation to a new host.


📮 Disabling an account disables outgoing messages for it, as well.


Deleting an account removes its configuration from Zammad entirely.


🧹 Additional Steps Required

Groups need an assigned an address to send outgoing emails. If you delete a group’s assigned address, agents belonging to that group won’t be able to send emails until you assign it a new one.